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When moving to a new town, you can have a lot on your mind: a different job, different schools, a different church, different daily routines, and last but not least, finding a new place for your family to call "home". At First Equity Home Loan, Inc., we understand this, and are expert in relocation. We've created this property site to assist or customers when they are looking for an Agent or Property in any city of Alabama. We have a long history of finding buyers the right home by going through a very specific checklist to help you efficiently narrow your options. We promote all the area boards of realtors in our home state...we really believe shopping with local pro's vs out of state people insures you get a better value buy. Local Mortgage Pro's and Realty Pro's are better. They are your new neighbors and know area's well in our home state...plus our employment taxes stay in our state where we really need them.

When most buyers go into home search mode - they may wind up with 50+ listings to consider. Naturally, that's too many homes to see first hand if you're on a short visit from out of town! We can help you to narrow your search down to 20-25 properties, keeping these items in mind:

  • Send us/your agent two lists a few days before arriving: One should be of things you must have. The other should be for optional things you want. When a house can't fulfill your basic needs, we can obviously cross it off the list.
  • Know your budget. If you are getting a mortgage, secure your pre-approved amount in advance so we can eliminate homes which exceed your budget. First Equity Home Loan will have your approval in hand pending an acceptable property within 3 days of you submitting docks we need to close. Loan App Checklist
  • Think about drive time to your job or other interests. Traffic in the Alabama could be different than what you're used to, so tell me how much time you're ready to spend travelling each day. If you are coming from a big city to another larger city we have tips. Most everywhere in Alabama offers a slower pace with few traffic problems but areas of Birmingham can be tricky. It's something to consider.

Before we meet in person, we will send you our picks for properties you should see first. Or you may already have some strong possibilities you could share with us culled from your own research. While virtual tours and photos are invaluable, there's nothing like walking through homes in person. We'll help you all along the way. You and your agent will plan any necessary appointments and map a route. By planning ahead, You could go to 8 or 10 homes in a single day and do 'Ride By's" to road view many others.

Relocated to the Gadsden area with First Equity Home Loan, Inc. as your real estate agent - 256-543-0670
Our focus is to do everything we can so that by the end of your visit, you can be rest assured you're on the right track to finding the best home for your family. Call us today at 256-543-0670 to start your home search...we have your mortgage covered with Expert Licensed Mortgage Pro's working with First Equity Home Loan, Inc....an Alabama Corporation. Shop Local. We're your new neighbors!

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