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Founded in 1987, First Equity Home Loan is a Gadsden, Alabama based multi branch mortgage banker/broker. Our titles vary. We’re commonly called loan officers, loan consultants, loan originators, mortgage bankers, and mortgage brokers. We are all of the above but our commitment to our customers, who entrust us with one of the most important decisions of their life ,never varies. We do not take our responsibility lightly. We’ve helped thousands with their home ownership needs.

We choose our wholesaler relationships very carefully based on price, service, and in our case… long term results. Our growing team of Mortgage Professionals continues to ensure we receive loan volume discounts we ultimately pass down to our clients as super competitive rates.

Relationships matter... so we’ve built our business around trust. Our clients often tell their friends about our firm leading to additional satisfied customers. We believe this is the “backbone” of our success and is the underpinning of any great service business like ours. We’re closing our valued customer’s grand kid’s home loans occasionally now. That was part of our plan, 30 plus years ago! Oh...and we have a 3rd generation from our family working as our marketing talent now, our only Mortgage Grandbaby!

Our staff has over 100 combined years’ experience in home lending to friends and neighbors. Our owners believe community is important. We only recruit leading loan originators in areas we serve that believe in community service and helping new friends. This assures you the convenience of knowing you can sit down with your mortgage pro at any time, in person. You don’t get that with out of state “Big Box” lenders.

Come enjoy the most agile mortgage lending platform< MtgQuote App,  to connect with us and share documents needed to close your lending request with ease and simplicity. With our MtgQuote App it’s EASY!

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