Finding the perfect fit Refinance program for you in Alabama is simple with Local Licensed Mortgage Professionals. First Equity is marking 30 plus years serving Alabama borrowers. Refinance loans pushed our volumes for many years.
Our Fist Question might be  "What do you have planned?" followed by "Are you a Veteran-US Service Member?". Our US Veteran/Service members deserve and receive the best Refinancing options in our country with 100 percent cash out for any worthwhile purpose. All other loan programs may lend close to 100 percent on rate term refinance but don't get close to 100 % Cash out Refi's like VA does. Each program has their own niche's and such that we navigate through daily to help our customers find the best option for their particular needs and credit situation. What you have planned makes a difference. If you just plan to cut the rate or length of your mortgage you have more options vs cash out. You may even be eligible for a stream line reduce doc loan where appraisal isn't needed.
Common Reasons we here from people we help Refinance:

  • Home Improvements
  • Bill Consolidation to reduce payments and help the family budget
  • Education Expense-Maybe you, the kids, or grand kids need a bit of help with college or vocational training
  • Family Expenses like Weddings
  • Reduce Rate or length of Mortgage to get out of debt sooner- we like hearing this! You may also enjoy streamline features on various programs. 
Refinance Mortgage Programs overview:
  • US Veteran-Service Member: our VA 100 % LTV (loan to value)- borrow to full appraised value!
  • FHA- Reduced cash out option for refinance recently to 80 percent appraised value like conventional products.
  • Conventional-Still the most popular
  • Jumbo- we love the large loans and so do our wholesalers. We work hard to be super competitive in this critical segment of our business. Rate Term Refi's are common to 95 %. Need Cash out?
  • Non QM Lending- offers highest cash out to 90 percent appraised value vs 80  with FHA and Conventional... plus no mi features. Allows for lower score borrower for certain refinancing options.  Rate is determined by credit/ltv/ and other factors.
  • Most programs have a streamline refinance where verification's and appraisal are often waived meaning you can refinance at much lower cost to reduce your finance charge or monthly payment.
You can Apply direct or text us questions below 24/7. Let our local Mortgage Experts help you with your refinance goals online or by your convenience. 256-New-Loan or 256-543-0670
Why Refinance?

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